Construction Management


CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT is a special branch of Management which has evolved to supervise, coordinate, control and inspect some of the complex activities of modern construction.  The main objectives can be considered into responsibility of ensuring the completion of the work within a specified TIME frame and COST restrictions without sacrificing the QUALITY of work.

The main distinguishing features of CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT GROUP is its capability to handle administrative and operational responsibilities of supervising all construction activities, from project planning up to implementation and completion.  The PROJECT MANAGER is the overall in-charge of the project site, spends full-time on the construction site and maintains job log of the daily activities.  He is assisted by the SUB-CONTRACTOR/PROCUREMENT ENGINEER, who has a detailed knowledge of the sub-contractor’s contract and supported by an efficient group of highly experienced PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS of different discipline who supervise and coordinate all the work of the contractors in order to ensure compliance with the approved drawings specifications and construction contract documents.

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT GROUP receives the full backing of Higher Management through the creation of a well balanced organization whose line of Operations Group has the capability to provide a complete QUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAM such as: Inspection, testing, Quality and Filed Monitoring which are integral to the CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT.

The PROJECT MANAGER works out independently from the normal chain of command of the organization and exercises the power of functional department on his decisions for a given target.  He is vested the authority to interfere with the existing departments of the Company and thus negotiates with the functional departments directly, cutting across staff and lines hierarchies common in the classical organization.  He reports only to the highest person in operation.