Geotechnical Investigation Group


GEOTECHNICAL INVESTIGATIONS – The performance of structures in terms of safety and economy depends to a large degree on the supporting soil. Accurate determination of the subsurface conditions and parameters for designing foundations cannot be over-emphasized. Foundations for heavy structures must not only be safe but cost-effective as well. These twin objectives can only be attained by a properly planned program of subsurface investigation which is executed by a reputable Company and the test results are evaluated by an experienced licensed Geotechnical Engineer.

Clients often come to us with a specified scope of work, however, as a matter of policy and concern for the success of the investigation, we review their program and in the light of our experiences, we suggest appropriate revisions and improvements.

The evaluation carried out by the Geotechnical Engineer can only be as reliable as the test results and information upon which the analyses are based. EYEYE are adequately equipped for field investigation and laboratory testing with well-trained engineers and technicians who are aware of the objectives and importance of their job. Our drilling outfit includes rigs for drilling any kind of geologic formation.

With its adequate calibrated laboratory facilities, well-trained technicians and having reliability and quality as its corporate motto, EYEYE continues to be a respected byword in the small circle of local Geotechnical Engineers. Its engagement for Geotechnical Investigation works by internationally known consultants also attest to EYEYE’s prompt reliability overview.