Engineering Inspection


ENGINEERING INSPECTIONS is a very important function that can be carried out satisfactorily only by trusted and experienced ENGINEERS / INSPECTORS whose integrity and competence are beyond doubt. The reliability and overall normal performance of inspection jobs are products of careful selection of the Inspection Company possessing an excellent untarnished reputation and likewise effective intervention of a cohesive team of Inspectors.

THIRD PARTY INSPECTIONS is a function that requires a good neutral outside party possessing a high level of technical competence in various engineering discipline such as; Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, etc., performing inspection works and monitoring of the various activities on all stages of construction / installations in order to ensure strict compliance with the approved construction drawings and project specifications.

MAINTENANCE SHUTDOWN INSPECTIONS is conducted periodically enabling industrial plants, factories and refineries etc., to determine the existing conditions in order to carry out the necessary preventive and corrective maintenance works on various rotating and stationary equipment, buildings, piping, etc., through the performance of effective visual inspections, accurate wall thickness measurement of vessel and processes pipelines, corrosion / erosion surveys of vessels and lines, blockage and silting detection and functional checks of moving components.

TRADE QUALIFICATION is a process by which job applicants undergoes comprehensive theoretical and practical examinations to determine the level of skills, suitability, limitations and to improve techniques that would ensure high level of actual job performances. The qualification tests aims to simulate the actual job conditions giving emphasis to the type of equipments operations, properties, dimensions of materials and the required process.