Geoelectrical Resistivity Survey


Geoelectrical Resistivity Survey will be an important component of the water source assessment task. Application of this procedure would yield hydrogeological data sufficient to reduce the amount of test drilling required and aid in pinpointing the most appropriate location of test hole sites. This method of subsurface exploration is based on the fact that different materials offer different resistance to the passage of electric current. Thus, by determination of vertical and lateral variations in the resistance, it is possible to infer stratification and lateral extent of subsurface deposits and of courses the presence of groundwater.

The well design parameters derived on the results of the hydrogeological and geoelectrical resistivity surveys will be the basis on the preparation of the scope of work for the drilling and construction. The exploratory/production well should conform to the standards and criteria of DPWH/LWUA/MWSS/NWRB, which can be adopted and recommended by “EYEYE” to the client.