Materials Evaluation Group


The CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIES relies heavily on the quality of materials available for construction. High quality materials developed by modern technology depend largely on the better use of the property of materials and characteristics of the process. These demands increased reliance on manufacture and requires not only higher standard of workmanship but also better methods of ensuring that the high standard has been achieved.

Testing techniques have been evolved in order to assist in achieving the results required to prove the fitness of the product for its designed purposes. Materials Testing is a destructive method that can effectively assist in the control processes and provides evidence that the quality of the materials meets the required standard.

All these can be attained through proper selection and handling of representative samples/ specimens applying the correct method of testing by a well-equipped calibrated testing laboratory.

EYEYE’s Laboratory are capable in handling most types of Material Testing, equipped with calibrated testing facilities, manned by qualified staff guided by the latest published with accepted regulations, codes and standards.

Testing facilities and qualified manpower can also be mobilized at the construction site to serve the immediate needs and promote the best interest of the project.


In order to keep abreast of progress in the industries concerned, EYEYE does not limit its capacity in handling only Materials Testing Laboratory. Because we believe, acceptance criteria does not just end there; unless, the materials have been properly placed and well constructed for its design purposes.

To keep apace with the modern techniques, EYEYE had made available various on-site quality testing laboratory, control test standard i.e Filed Density Test, Compaction Test, Concrete and Rebound Hammer Tests in-situ-concrete; Core Drilling to determine strength of concrete in-situ and structural load tests.