Mineral Exploration


MINERAL EXPLORATION – Before actual exploitation of mineral resources from an area begins, the volume of exploitable are bodies or mineral reserves must be estimated. This can be attained economically by a properly planned exploration programs executed under the supervision of a competent and experienced Mining Engineer or Geologist.

EYEYE are equipped with drilling rigs that can cater for various drilling requirements in terms of depth of holes. Our various drilling rigs which are hydraulically operated are rated to drill 6ӯ & 12ӯ hole down to a maximum depth of 1,000 meters. We also have small rigs which have the advantage of mobility in difficult terrains.

Our engagement for mineral exploration work by several mining companies had brought us to areas where access seems formidable. However, we have always considered such challenges as part of our work and our determination to meet our Client’s requirements has gained their respect and confidence.