Special Engineering Services


In addition to the traditional services rendered by EYEYE to its valued clients, it has the technical capability to provide Special Engineering Services related in the field of Engineering such as:

Welding Consultancy – Preparation of welding procedures based on the specifications of the clients, compilation of necessary materials data based on the standard international codes.

Maintenance Works – Undertakes the following works necessary in the rehabilitation of various operating facilities storage tanks and vessels, towers, pipelines, etc.

1. General cleaning and degassing

2. General Repairs

     2.1 Removal of defective parts and replacement by appropriate materials.

     2.2 Blend Grinding (if required) – Smooth grinding of the contours of the existing weldments of the tank

            including heat affected zones prior to NDE Inspections.

      2.3 Stress Relieving – Heat treatment of welded pipes and vessels to relieve residual stresses and increase

             corrosion resistance.

       2.4 Hydrotesting

       2.5 Calibration

       2.6 Repainting