Water Resources Investigation


The evident accelerated economic growth in the country is replicated in various growth regions in Luzon, Visayas and down to Mindanao.  From primarily an agri-based economy, industrialization is now the focus of the regional and local planners.  To the ever increasing demand of more than 80 Million Filipinos of safe drinking water and the expanding industrialization of our country side, basic utilities and infrastructures are therefore to be in placed.  Definitely, one of the essential requirements are safe, reliable and efficient water supply system.

As primary ingredients of the Medium Terms Development Plan Program of the Philippines, development, improvement and rehabilitation of water supply projects have been given the priority it deserves through various program implemented by the government with the participation of the private sectors have also focused their effort towards implementation of efficient water supply system.

To assist both the government and the private sectors n continuing the accelerated thrust of implementing efficient water supply project “EYEYE” provides expert engineering advice aided by the use of modern technologies and equipments to satisfy the clients needs.  In addition to this, the assemblage of experienced multi-disciplined teams to examine all aspects of project, ensures that a job is implemented with proficiently and efficiently.

The scope of services for the water resource investigation that “EYEYE” provide includes primarily the conduct of comprehensive hydrological and hydrogeological investigations in order to determine the potential water resources in the project area.  This task will rely on both the syntheses of secondary date (meteorological conditions, hydrological, physiographical and geological) as well as the detailed field surveys and investigations.  Basically, the activities for this ask shall consists of:

                    – Hydrological/Hydrologeologic Surveys
                    – Geoelectrical Resisitivity Survey (Georesistivity)
                    – Surface Water/Watershed Evaluation
                    – Source Evaluation (including Test Well Drilling)